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Legendary grower, cannabis influencer and air personality, Doc Holiday has a secret life.

If you have lived in or around New York City for the last 40 years, you have probably had some of Doc's legendary weed. 

Beginning with an exotic connection in Ninth Grade at a prestigious private school, Doc has had some of the most iconic weed of the last four decades: Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Thai Stick, Temple Balls, etc.

Saving those seeds, he began an illustrious growing career from secret rooms to entire fields. 

What you probably don't know is the Doc has a PhD. in Communication, is a graduate of the prestigious School of Arts of Columbia University and has completed the Cannabis Horticulture certificate from Syracuse University.

WEED REPORT S2 E1: Star Kush By Theory

STAR KUSH is an Indica dominant cross between Stardawq + Nigerian Kush. The taste is complex and delicious. The Chemdawq lineage comes through with pine, menthol, fuel and pepper with a nice fruity, floral finish.

How Doc
Rates Weed

7 Leaves - Rare and Extraordinary

6 Leaves - Connoisseur

5 Leaves - Premium cultivar

4 Leaves - Above average

3 Leaves - Subpar but smokeable

2 Leaves - Inferior

1 Leaf - Ditch Weed

WEED REPORT #26:  Vanilla Frosting by Vireo

WR 26 - Vanilla Frosting by Vireo

WR 26 - Vanilla Frosting by Vireo

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VANILLA FROSTING By Vireo. This is a creamy, delicious, balanced hybrid from the Gelato family. A cross between Frost OG and Gelato 8x3, this delicious cultivar was developed by the legendary Humboldt Seed Company.

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